Sailing Lessons


Whether you wish to learn to sail a sabot, a world cruiser, or anything in between, there is someone at Long Beach Sailing to help you achieve that goal.  Long Beach Sailing instructors are Coast guard licensed 100 ton masters.  They are seasoned captains with thousands of hours of sailing experience, offshore deliveries, coastal cruising and open ocean sailing.

Long Beach Sailing instructors emphasize rules of the road , safety procedures, boating etiquette and good seamanship practices, all of which benefit the student throughout his sailing career.

Basic Sailing 101 is a five lesson course package which includes basic boat handling, docking procedures, anchoring techniques, sail trim, points of sail, tactics, equipment management, engine operation, and emergency procedures.  The price for this course is $595.00 and includes personalized instruction from a 100 ton Coast Guard certified master mariner, a sailing fundamentals text book and a certificate of achievement.

Successful completion of the Basic Sailing 101 course will provide the student with a working knowledge of sailing small craft and the skill sets required to sail away from and return to the dock safely after a great day on the water.


Intermediate Sailing 102 is a five lesson course package emphasizing basic navigation, electronics, radio procedures and equipment management on a larger vessel.  The cost of this course is $595,00.  It is a comprehensive class incorporating a brief review of information, techniques and procedures explored and practiced in Basic Sailing 101.

Successful completion of the Intermediate Sailing course will prepare the student for a channel crossing to Catalina.  Plotting a course, laying a rumb line, reading a chart, steering a compass course and arriving safely at the desired destination, picking up a mooring and calling for a shore boat are all tasks that can be mastered from the skills and knowledge acquired from Intermediate Sailing 102.


A class unique to the Long Beach Sailing Club, the Crew Training class is designed to train prospective crew members to occupy crew positions on the 80 foot schooner “Tiama”.   “Tiama” is gaff rigged  and displaces 63 tons.  As such, her crew requires special sail training to satisfy the requirements necessary to become an able bodied schooner sailor.  Vocabulary, additional knowledge of knots, helmsmanship, standing watch, handling dock lines, using a “monkey’s fist”, deploying and retrieving the dinghy by means of the davits, climbing the ratlines and standing lookout in the crow’s nest, reefing the main sail and maintaining the accommodation ladder are all examples of required tasks for “Tiama” crew members. 

This class is taught twice yearly and includes a three day sailing trip to Howland’s Landing.  Meals are included.  The price per bunk is $650.00.  A certificate of achievement is awarded upon return to the main land. 

Anyone completing the class and receiving a certificate of achievement is eligible to crew on “Tiama” charters.  These charters can include participation in the Ensenada Race, surf charters to the Channel Islands, sunset cruises from Berth One and the infamous annual Pirate Days at the Belmont Pier.




Advanced sailing instruction is priced at $50.00/Hr with a two hour minimum.


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